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Books and substantive reports

Both of these books are long out of date although they are still well-regarded and consulted. Second hand copies of the first are usually available from Amazon at reasonable prices. The publishers are considering making the Croom Helm series available as eBooks and via Print on Demand, though this has not yet reached fruition. A second edition of the Whittet book is in preparation and will be available in 2011.

Chanin 1985. The Natural History of Otters. Croom Helm, Kent. 179pp.

Chanin 1994. Otters. Whittet Books, London 128pp.

A series of three publications arose from the EU funded 'Life in UK Rivers' project:

Chanin 2003. Ecology of the European otter. Conserving Natura 2000 Rivers Ecology Series No 10. Peterborough, English Nature.

Chanin and Smith 2003. Monitoring the otter Lutra lutra. Conserving Natura 2000 Rivers Monitoring Series No 10. Peterborough, English Nature.

Chanin 2005. Otter surveillance in SACs: testing the protocol. English Nature Research Report No 664. Peterborough: English Nature.

This report describes work that Michael Woods and I supervised, some of which is used as a basis for methods recommended in the Dormouse Conservation handbook (to which we also contributed).
Chanin and Woods 2003. Surveying dormice using nest tubes: results and experiences from the South West Dormouse Project. English Nature Research Report No 524. Peterborough: English Nature.

Scientific papers

Co-author of Otters 1977 and Otters 1979. Reports of the Joint Otter Group (NCC/SPNC)

Chanin and Jefferies, 1978. The decline of the otter Lutra lutra in Britain: an analysis of hunting records and discussion of causes. Biol J Linn Soc 10, 305 - 328

Chanin and Linn, 1980. The diet of the feral mink in southwest Britain. J. Zoology: 192, 205-223

Chanin, 1981. The diet of the otter and its relations with the feral mink in two arrears of Southwest England. Acta Theriologica: 26, 83-95.

Chanin, 1981. The feral mink - natural history, movements and control. Nature in Devon: 2, 33-54

Lenton, Chanin and Jefferies, 1981. Otter survey of England 1977 - 1979. Nature Conservancy Council, London. 75pp

Jeffries, Chanin and Lenton, 1983. The decline of the otter Lutra lutra L. in England and a survey of its present status and distribution. Journal of the Otter Trust 1983, 13-17

Chanin, 1990. The Eurasian Otter. in the Handbook of British Mammals. ed. Harris and Corbett.

Strachan, Birks, Chanin and Jefferies 1990. Otter Survey of England 1984-87. Nature Conservancy Council.

Strachan, Jefferies and Chanin, 1996. Pine Marten Survey of England and Wales. Joint Nature Conservation Committee.

Conroy, Chanin and Melisch, 1998. The distribution and status of the Eurasian Otter (Lutra lutra) in Asia - a Preliminary Review. IUCN Otter Specialists Group Bulletin. 15; 15-29.

Coxon, Chanin, Dallas and Sykes, 1998. The Use of DNA Fingerprinting to Study the Population Dynamics of Otters (Lutra lutra) in Southern Britain: A Feasibility Study. Environment Agency R&D Project W1 - 025.

Jansman, Chanin and Dallas, 2001. Monitoring otter populations by DNA typing of spraints. IUCN Otter Specialists Group Bulletin. 18; 12-19

Conroy and Chanin, 2002. The distribution and status of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) - a review. Proceedings of the Otter Toxicology Conference, Skye 2000. Ed. Conroy, Gutleb and Yoxon.

Chanin and Coxon, 2002. DNA fingerprinting of otter spraint. Proceedings of the Otter Toxicology Conference, Skye 2000. Ed. Conroy, Gutleb and Yoxon.

Dallas, Coxon, Sykes, Chanin et al., 2003. Similar estimates of population genetic composition and sex ratio derived from carcasses and faeces of Eurasian otter Lutra lutra. Molecular Ecology 12, 275-282

Bonesi, Chanin and Macdonald, 2004. Competition between Eurasian otter Lutra lutra and American mink Mustela vison probed by niche shift. Oikos 106:19-26.

Chanin, 2006. Otter road casualties. Hystrix, It. J. Mamm. 17. pp 79-90.

Chanin, P & Gubert, L. 2011. Surveying hazel dormice (Muscardinus avellanarius) with tubes and boxes: a comparison. Mammal Notes 4 pp1-6

Chanin, P & Gubert, L. 2012. Common dormouse (Muscardinus avellanarius) movements in a landscape fragmented by roads. Lutra 55  pp3-15

Presentations and other contributions

2007. Otter Mitigation: Precautionary principles, legal liabilities and minimising mortality; is it really necessary? Presentation at The Mammal Society Autumn symposium "Advances in Ecological Impact Assessment and Mitigation for Mammals". London

2008. From Alice's wonderland to Tarka's travels: Separating fact from fiction in the conservation of rare British mammals. Talk for the Bicton Rural Academy summer series of lectures.

2008. Life beside the fast lane: Dormouse ecology in roadside habitat. Presentation at the 8th International Dormouse Conference, Somerset.

2009. What's the use of otter surveys? Presentation at the IUCN Otter Specialists Group workshop on "Otters and Environmental Impact Assessments". Cottbus, Germany.

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